11th International Meshing Roundtable
September 15-18, 2002 - Ithaca, New York, USA
Register Early! Deadline: August 16, 2002. Return this form with payment to the address provided.

Name: ___________________________________________ Title: __________________
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Telephone: _________________________ Fax: _________________________________
E-Mail Address: ________________________________________

Security Information
US Citizen: Yes____ No____
If No, please fill in the below information. Because this is a Sandia Laboratory sponsored event, DOE requires the below information from non-United States citizens. No other action is required.
Full Name (including middle initial): __________________________________________
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Current Citizenship: _______________________________________________________

Please Indicate Participation (Please circle one answer to the questions below.)
Short Course, Sunday, September 15th @ 100 per person, Statler Hotel
I will attend: Yes No

Do you want to receive the proceeding in:

Poster Session: Monday, September 16th, Statler Hotel
I will attend: Yes No
I will have an entry(s) for the Poster Session: Yes No
If yes, how many entries?__________________    
Guest(s) will attend: $25 per person. How many? _________    
(12 & under 1/2 price, toddlers & infants free)

Banquet and Awards, Tuesday Evening, September 17th
I will attend: Yes No
Guest(s) will attend: $50 per person. How many? _________    
(12 & under 1/2 price, toddlers & infants free)    

Choose Banquet entree for you and for guest(s) that will be attending:
Steak______ Chicken______ Fish______
Vegetarian (choose one): Portabella Mushroom________ Pasta_______

T-shirt size: small medium large x-large
Additional T-shirts ($10.00 each): How many? __________ Sizes(s):__________
Will you be attending the CMU Workshop? Yes No

Registration Fees Meeting Costs:
$285 BEFORE AUGUST 16, 2002
$325 AFTER AUGUST 16, 2002
$80 Student Registration with Student ID

Full Registration @ $285/$325 Per Attendee ______________
Student Registration @ $80 per Attendee ______________
Short Course @ $100 per Attendee ______________

Additional Fees:
Guest(s) attending Poster Session @ $25/person ______________
Guest(s) attending Banquet @ $50/person ______________
Additional T-Shirts ______________



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Make checks/money orders payable to: Sandia National Laboratories

Mail to:
Sandia National Laboratories
Attn: Lynn Janik Washburn, Financial Coordinator
PO Box 5800, MS-0321
Albuquerque, NM 87185-0321

Registration - Sandia Laboratories Participants Only

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Project/Task Number (Active) Project Manager Approval Signature

Special Needs
Please indicate here if you require special accessibility or accommodations at this meeting.
My requirements are: (e.g. vegetarian, disability accommodations, audio/visual requirements for speakers, etc.)

For Registration Information
Lynn Janik Washburn, Financial Coordinator (Mail Stop: 0321)
Office: 505-845-3520 Fax: 505-844-2415 Email: lajanik@sandia.gov