Speakers & Sessions


Monday, October 8th

Keynote Address
Chuck Grindstaff, Vice President of Products (R&D) and Operations, UGS, Inc.

Session 1 - PLENARY
1a -
On Hybrid Grids for Viscous Flows involving Complex Geometries (Invited)
Dr. John Kallinderis,
The University of Texas, Austin

1b - Flipping Cubical Meshes
Marshall Bern and David Eppstein

1c - Molecular Surface Modeling and Meshing
Patrick Laug and Houman Borouchaki

1d - Some Properties of Area Functionals in Numerical Grid Generation
Jose-Gerardo Tinoco-Ruiz, Pablo Barrera-Sanchez, and Adan Cortes-Medina

Session 2A - Faceted Models
2a1 - Progressive Mesh Decompostion in the Operational Rate-Distortion
Sense Using Global Error
Laurent Balmelli

2a2 - Efficient Computation of Planar Triangulations
J. Jiesen, E. de Sturler, A. Sheffer, Y. Aydin, C. Siefert

2a3 - Mesh-Based Geometry: A Systematic Approach to Constructing Geometry
from a Finite Element Mesh
Steven J. Owen and David R. White

Session 2B - Structured Meshing
2b1 - An Automatic Orthogonal/Cartesian Meshing with Local Refinement Tetra-Hedrons
Near STL Boundary
Vladimir Chudanov, Anna E. Valerii, Irina Plotnikova, Anton Korotkov

2b2 - Variational Grid Generation Using Exponentials of Area
Pablo Barrera Sanchez, Guilmer F. Gonzalez F., and Francisco J. Dominguez Mota

2b3 - Equidistribution Method for Adaptive Grid Generation
Nina Yu. Shokina

Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions: Mesh Quality, Moving Boundary, Geometry, Hex Meshing, Tet Meshing, Surface Meshing, Parallel Meshing


Tuesday, October 9th

Session 3 - Plenary II
3a -
CGAL - The Computational Geometry Algorithm Library (Invited)
Dr. Andreas Fabri,
INRIA Sophia-Antipolis, France

3b - Sample Shuffling for Quality Hierarchic Surface Meshing
Tamal K. Dey, Joachim Giesen, and James Hudson

3c - Adaptive, Curvature-Sensitive Medial Axis Construction
Pin Yang Ang and Cecil G. Armstrong

3d - Optimiation-Based Reference-Matrix Rezone Strategies for Arbitrary
Lagrangian-Eulerian Methods on Unstructred Meshes
M. Shashkov, P. Knupp

Session 4A - Software Systems for Applications (?)
4a1 - An Object Oriented Design for Mesh Generation and Operation Algorthim
Anton V. Mobley, Joseph R. Tristano, and Christopher M. Hawkins

4a2 - Atomic Images - A Method for Meshing Digital Images
Dave Hale

4a3 - Parallel Algorithm Oriented Mesh Database
Jean-Francois Remacle, Ottmar Klaas, Joseph E. Flaherty, Mark S. Shephard

Session 4B - Hexahedral Meshing
4b1 - A New Approach to Octree-Based Hexahedral Meshing
Loic Marechal

4b2 - Meshing of Hexagons into Convex Quadrilaterals
Nemanja Petrovic, Branko Kolundzija

4b3 - Hexhoop: Modular Templates for Converting a Hex-Dominant Mesh to an all-hex mesh
Soji Yamakawa & Kenji Shimada

Session 5A - Application
5a1 - Anisotropic Validation of Hexahedral Meshes for Composite Materials in Biomechanics
Matthias Muller-Hannemann, Cornelia Kober, Robert Sader, and Hans-Florian Zeilhofer

5a2 - Grid Deformation Techniques for Two-Dimensional Hybrid Grids
A. Wick, M. Schatz, and F. Thiele

5a3 - Mixed Dimensional Coupling in Finite Element Stress Analysis
Kar Wei Shim, Dermot J. Monaghan, Cecil G. Armstrong

Session 5B - Computational Geometry
5b1 - Efficient and Robust Algorithm for Computing Common Subdivision for Nonmatching Surface Meshes
Xiangmin Jiao and Michael T. Heath

5b2 - Feature Extraction from Point Clouds
Stefan Gumhold, Xinlong Wang, and Rob McLeod

5b3 - An Experimental Study of Sliver Exudation
Herbert Edelsbrunner and Damrong Guoy

Session 6A - Quality/Smoothing
6a1 - A Measure of the Conformity of a Mesh to an Anisotropic Metric
Paul Labbe, Julien Dompierre, Marie-Gabrielle Vallete

6a2 - A Comparison of Triangle Quality Measures
Philippe P. Pebay and Timothy J. Baker

6a3 - On Anisotropic Mesh Generation and Quality Control in Complex Flow Problems
K.E. Jansen, M.S. Shephard, M.W. Beall

Session 6B - Geometry
6b1 - An Algorithm for Projecting Points onto a Patched CAD Model
William D. Henshaw

6b2 - Detecting Errors in CAD Surfaces and Preparing Geometries for Mesh Generation
N. Anders Petersson and Kyle K. Chand

6b3 - Gauging the Meshing Complexity of a Solid: An Introduction
David R. White, Robert W. Leland, and Sunil Saigal


Wednesday October 10th

Session 7 - Plenary III
7a - Mesh Movement and Metamorphosis (invited)
Dr. Timothy J. Baker, Princeton University

7b - Local Optimization-Based Untangling Algorithms for Quadrilateral Meshes
Lori A. Freitag and Paul E. Plassmann

7c - Automatic Detail Reduction for Mesh Generation Application
Timothy J. Tautges

Panel Discussion