10th IMR - Birds of a Feather Sessions

Geometry Issues in Meshing | Surface Meshing | Volume Meshing | Mesh Quality | Software Issues in Meshing

Geometry Issues in Meshing

Leader: Dr. Steven Owen (sjowen@sandia.gov)

Geometry Import - Current Process

Geometry Import - Desired Process

Native vs. 3rd Party Geometry Kernels

Geometry Kernel

Geometry Representation: Facets vs NURBs

Facet Geometry Representation

Geometry Representation - Hybrid Approach

Thin Solids

Fix Geometry Problems vs. Fault Tolerant Meshing

Mesh/Geom Forum


Surface Meshing

Leader: Dr. Pascal Frey (Pascal.Frey@inria.fr)

A few remarks:

Advances in surface meshing

Open Issues



Volume Meshing

Leader: Dr. Ted Blacker (ted@fluent.com)

Current Technology

Advances Needed

How Do We Accomplish Progress


Mesh Quality

Leader: Dr. Lori Freitag (freitag@mcs.anl.gov)

Current State-of-the-Art

Measuring Mesh Quality

Open Problems - Highest Priority

More Open Problems

Research Directions


Software Issues in Meshing

Leader: Dr. Nikos Chrisochoides (nikos@cs.wm.edu)


Current Status


DMCS Remote Service Request Functions
dmcs_async_rsrX RSR with an X argument handler where X = {0,1,2,3,4}
dmcs_async_rsrN RSR with a handler taking a variable size buffer
DMCS Remote Memory Manipulation Functions
dmcs_malloc allocate memory on a remote processor
dmcs_free free memory on a remote processor
dmcs_put copy a data buffer to a remote processor
dmcs_put_op copy a data buffer to a remote processor; the remote processor then returns with a dmcs_async_rsr1
dmcs_get retreive a data buffer from a remote processor
dmcs_get_op requests a dmcs_put_op be executed on a remote processor
DMCS Environmental Functions
dmcs_init & shutdown initialize and shutdown DMCS
dmcs_my_proc the relative process ID of the calling process
dmcs_num_procs the number of running processes
dmcs_register_rsrX_handlers registers rsrX type handlers where X = {0,1,2,3,4,N}

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