International Meshing Roundtable Information

Future of the International Meshing Roundtable

The International Meshing Roundtable is in transition….

Communicated in 2020 at the 28th International Meshing Roundtable (IMR) and by email, after 28 years Sandia National Laboratories has decided to step back from organizing and operating the IMR. Sandia’s contribution to the meshing community through sponsoring this Roundtable is incalculable and we are all grateful for what they created and provided to the meshing world.

A bit of background

At the 28th IMR, an Exploratory Committee was created to investigate options future of the IMR. Recommendations were presented to the greater meshing community and all were invited to vote on the options. The result was to partner with SIAM as the best solution for providing continued support and growth to the meshing community. The Exploratory Committee members were Suzanne Shontz, John Chawner, John Verdicchio, Trevor Robinson, and Scott Canann, committee chair. In addition, Kathy Loeppky, a vital part of the IMR for years and served as a key resource to the Exploratory Committee, providing historical context, budget figures from past conferences and many other helpful insights. 

Current state of the International Meshing Roundtable

Following the selection of SIAM, the IMR Exploratory Committee transitioned to the IMR Steering Committee, at which time John Chawner left and was replaced by Steve Karman. Taking over the responsibilities formerly held by Sandia, the IMR Steering Committee is a governing body providing oversight, structuring rules, and making high level budget decisions. The IMR Steering Committee should not be confused with the IMR Organizing Committee that serves to execute the conference each year. The Organizing Committee has been working diligently, as in previous years, to plan the 2021 IMR conference.